Book cover shows seperate recycling bins with cans, plastic bottles, glass and cardboard. Book cover reads 'The Rubbish Book: A complete guide to recycling, James Piper'.

The Rubbish Book

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A Complete Guide to Recycling

Ever held an item in your hand and been so confused about how to, or even if you can, recycle it? 

The Rubbish Book aims to make recycling easier with an A-Z of household objects, whether and how they can be recycled. 

The book also takes you through both the collection and sorting processes, what recycling symbols on packaging means, & what the future of recycling looks like. 

Additional Information: 
  • Author & award-winning sustainability expert: James Piper
  • 288-page paperback edition
  • Publishers Group UK
  • Publication Date: 17/02/2022
  • 178 x 126 mm