Book cover has illustrations of a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. The cover reads "slow down, bring calm to a busy world with 50 nature stories". Bottom left has Magic Cat logo.

Slow Down

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Bring calm to a busy world with 50 nature stories 
Slow Down includes 50 fact-based nature stories told frame by frame. 

After reading this book, your little ones will want to go outside and explore. 

Slow Down shows how bees pollinate flowers, butterflies emerge from their chrysalises and how beautiful bluebells can be in the woods. 



Additional Information: 
  • Author: Rachel Williams 
  • Illustrator: Freya Hartas
  • 128-page full-colour illustrated hardback edition
  • Printed on FSC paper
  • Publisher: Magic Cat
  • Published: 24/03/2020
  • 290 x 235 mm