Book cover is dark blue and shows picture frame with Sally Ride (a white woman) looking out of a TV set while wearing a blue NASA uniform. 3 girls (1 Black, 1 medium-skinned, and 1 white)  are gathered around the frame. Book cover reads "She Persisted, based on the bestselling picture book series by Chelsea Clinton & Alexandra Boiger, Sally Ride, written by Atia Abawi".

She Persisted: Sally Ride

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Based on best-selling picture book series by Chelsea Clinton & Alexandra Boiger 
She Persisted: Sally Ride, written by award-winning author, Atia Abawi, tells the story of the first American woman in space.  

Even after leaving NASA, Sally continued to break barriers by creating science & engineering programs to help other girls and women follow their dreams! 

  • Introduction by Chelsea Clinton
  • Recommended ages 6-9 

Additional Information:

  • Author: Atia Abawi 
  • 80-page, black & white illustrated, paperback edition
  • Melia Publishing Services
  • Publication date: 02/03/2021
  • 194 x 135 mm