Book cover shows illustrations of planets, moons, galaxies and stars. The top left reads "Science Museum", top right reads "Welcome to the Museum, admit all" on a golden ticket. A teal circle in the middle reads "junior edition" and the bottom left reads "Big Picture Press".

Planetarium Junior Edition

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Planetarium, Junior Edition shows us a variety of astronomical objects, from small moons to immense galaxies.
This book asks how big the universe is, how it began and what mysteries it holds. 
This abridged version of Planetarium has been specially written for young readers. 
Additional Information:
  • Author: Raman Prinja & Chris Wormell
  • Templar Publishing
  • 80-page, full-colour illustrated hardback
  • Publication Date: 01/02/2019
  • 246 x 189 mm
  • Range: Welcome to the Museum