Book cover shows illustration of children planting trees, recycling, hanging bird feeders and riding a bike amongst some trees. Title and subtitle are in the middle. Top right has an emblem with a black and white photo of a light-skinned woman. Around the photo are the words 'with foreword by Anna Taylor, leader of the student climate network.'

Old Enough to Save the Planet

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Be inspired by real-life children taking action against climate change
Old Enough to Save The Planet features 10 kids who are fighting climate change to save Earth. Read each of their stories to discover how they became planet campaigners and what they do! 
In this book, you'll meet: 
  • Shalise, the youngest ocean activist in the world at 11 years old
  • Fink, a 9 year old rainforest activist
  • With forward by Anna Taylor: leader of the Student Climate Network
  • Practical guide on how to save the planet at the end 

Additional Information: 

  • Author: Loll Kirby
  • Illustrator: Adelina Lirius
  • 32-page, full-colour illustrated paperback edition
  • Printed on FSC paper
  • Publisher: Magic Cat
  • Publication date: 15/04/21
  • 280 x 240 mm