Book cover is blue with orange spine, and made to look like an envelope with a stamp and postage sticker. Tagline below title reads 'write now. read leater. treasure forever.' Blue sticker made to look like airmail sticker reads 'a paper time capsule'.

Letters to My Grandchild

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Write now, read later, treasure forever.

Letters to My Grandchild is the perfect gift for any new grandparent!

Use each unique prompt to write a letter to be opened at a certain date.

Prompts in this book include: a special story about your family, what you want them to know about you, the best advice anyone ever gave you, and your wishes for them.


  • 2015 Oprah's Favourite Things pick
  • 12 prompts for letters 
  • Includes stickers for sealing

Additional Information: 

  • Publication date: Aug 2015
  • Creator: Lea Redmond
  • 64-page hardback edition
  • 95 x 202 mm
  • Abrams & Chronicle Books Ltd