Magazine cover shows illustration of green grass with children reading, playing, lying down and holding hands. Across this image is a patchwork pattern. Title is in red and green across the top. Orange band across the bottom has a list of contents.

Leopard Magazine: Patterns

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Full of goodness, crafts & fun stuff - a big cat party!

Leopard Magazine is filled with fun activities, crafts, hobbies, illustrations and stories. 

In this edition you'll find: 

  • Patchwork Quilt 
  • Colouring in 
  • Cut out bear
  • Origami water balloons
  • Paper flowers 
  • Flower lantern
  • Emotion stones 
  • & more! 

Additional Information: 

  • Ages 4-9
  • No advertising 
  • Plastic free
  • Edited by Helen Martin
  • Cover and design by Esther Curtis