Book cover is blue, black, white and grey. Small illustrations of inventions with a plastic bag, a mountain climber, machines and a submarine are bright and colourful. The book reads "Usborne STEAM Inventions Scribble Book". Different taglines on the book read "invent ways to reuse a plastic bag, design equipment for mountain climbers, imagine a deep-sea vehicle, invent a machine to help people stay healthy". A green stripe runs down the right hand side.

Inventions Scribble Book

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 With Inventions Scribble Book, you can discover some accidental inventions and design your own robot. This book is full of puzzles to solve and inventions to create! 

Buy with the Science Scribble Book to expand your knowledge. 


  • Key Stage 2
  • Recommended ages 7+
  • Downloadable templates 
  • Links to specially selected websites to find out more

Additional Information: 

  • 80-page hardback edition
  • 239.7 x 195.9 mm
  • Publication Date: February 2020
  • Usborne