Blue book cover shows illustrated green cloud with title inside. Authors name is in white text across the top. Subtitle and illustrator name are across the bottom. Illustrations show 4 different people doing activities.

Growing up Autistic and Happy

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A perfectly weird guide to being perfectly you.

The author of this book, Camilla Pang, is an autistic scientist and award-winning author. In Growing up Autistic and Happy she explains how science helped her use ideas she understood (like gravity and photosynthesis) to make sense of what she didn't understand (like peer pressure and emotions). 

In this book she helps readers find the courage to be themselves, no matter how different they feel, or how difficult they find it to connect. 

 Additional Information:

  • Author: Camilla Pang
  • Illustrator: Laurène Boglio
  • 208-page illustrated paperback edition
  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Children's Division
  • Publication Date: 17/03/2022
  • 216 x 153 mm