Earth Light box in the background with the earth lamp propped on a wooden base in the foreground.
Earth lamp has light blue colour for seas, and the land is in green, brown and white to reflect the colours of each continent. Lamp sits on a wooden base.
Earth lamp lit up from within a dark room provides a blue light through the ocean. The land lets through less light, and looks green all over.
Blue box reads "3D colour-changing earthlight" with a picture of the globe on the box.

Colour-Changing Earth Light

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This earth lamp is the perfect gift for any planet or space lover. 

Touch the base of the globe to turn on and off, and to change between illumination styles. There's also a dim and brighten function, so you can choose the intensity. 

Buy alongside the Moonbeam lamp to recreate part of the solar system! 


  • LED light
  • Rechargeable lithium battery


  • Lamp
  • Wooden stand
  • USB cable

Additional Information: 

  • 15 cm diameter