Cover of the game shows the title "bug bingo" with pictures of different insects.

Bug Bingo

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Bug Bingo is the perfect game for anyone who loves insects, or wants to learn more about these critters! 

All kinds of insects are in this game, including the giant hawker dragonfly, the kissing bug, the orchid bee, honey bee, vampire moth, and the sacred scarab. 

Learn the names, colourings, information and traits of each insect using the included leaflet.

If bugs aren't your thing, we also have Endangered Animals Bingo or our top-selling Poo Bingo!! 


  • Board
  • 64 bug tokens
  • 12 bingo cards
  • Brightly coloured counters
  • Leaflet with bug information and traits
Additional Information:
  • Illustrator: Christine Berrie
  • Publisher: Laurence King
  • Box: 236 x 262 mm