Photo is yellow cover of book with black outline drawings and quote 'packed with original ideas' from The Telegraph. A boy with spikey hair in a lab coat in the bottom left. In the middle is a girl with two pig tails, and bottom right is a girl with a bob and a bow in her hair.

101 Brilliant Things for Kids to do with Science

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Author Dawn Isaac has written this brilliant book for young scientists. It's full of ideas, science experiments and projects. Another great thing about the book - 101 Brilliant Things for Kids to Do With Science is 100% screen free! Give your kids a break from computers, phones, and televisions with this gorgeous yellow book with fabulous illustrations. 

Some of the activities include launching a rocket, building a balloon powered racing car and creating a giant egg.

The Telegraph says 101 Brilliant Things for Kids to Do With Science is 'packed with original ideas'. 


Additional Information: 

  • Publisher: Kyle Books
  • Colourfully-illustrated 224-page paperback
  • Publication Date: 13/02/2017
  • 220 x 210 mm