Moon light resting on wooden base on top of a table. Light shown is neutral setting.
MoonBeam 3D Light box. 'The LED Light that brings the power of the moon to illuminate your room'. Illustration of moon light on base with warm light. Box also shows illustrations of rockets, sun and planets.

Moonbeam Lamp

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Bring the moon indoors with this realistic model moonbeam lamp.

Simply touch the base of the moon to turn it on and off. You can also change the colour between 'warm white' and 'neutral white' by touching the base. You can even change the intensity of the light by holding the base. 

Michelle says: 

"I really enjoy my moonbeam lamp. I love the details like the lunar craters on the surface. This is such a nice feature in our living room now - I put a little LEGO astronaut on it! I love it so much that I bought another one as a gift to my friend who love space stuff. Cannot recommend enough."


    • LED light source
    • Lithium battery 
    • 2 colours: Warm White (2700K) and Neutral White (4000K)


    • USB cable for easy recharging
    • Wooden base

      Additional Information: 

      • Ages 3+
      • 15 cm circumference
      • Box: 15.7 x 15.5 x 16.5 cm, 410 g