Sea turtle lies with arms and neck extended. Shell is crossed with black lines. Legs and head are pale beige with bright green spots. Shell is same light green. Eyes are light green. Tail cannot be seen in photo.

Sea Turtle EcoBuddiez Soft Toy

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Sea turtles are everyone's favourite reminder to cut back on plastic. You can do that buy buying one of these Sea Turtle EcoBuddiez soft toys! 

Feel no guilt when buying your children these 100% recycled and incredibly soft toys! They're made from recycled water bottles, with embroidered eyes and noses, and have no plastic beading. The tags are printed with soy ink on recycled paper using natural twine.

Additional Information:

  • Small: 20 x 8 x 20 cm, 40 g
  • Medium: 30  x 9  x 33 cm, 116 g
  • Large: 37 x 12 x 38 cm, 128 g
  • Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified recycled polyester