Science Scribble book cover is green with illustrations of skeleton, space rover and whale. Red stripe down the right hand side. Title reads "Usborne STEM Science Scribble Book". Other text on the cover reads "explore the solar system, build a skeleton, investigate the spectrum of light, discover animal journeys, invent a space rover".

Science Scribble Book

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Science Scribble Book is filled with a variety of activities that make science fun! Kids will investigate forces, turbines, skeletons, animal migration and much more. 

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  • Age 7+
  • Key Stage 2 
  • Links to websites with more activities
  • Downloadable templates

Additional Information: 
  • Author: Alice James
  • 80-page hardback edition
  • 239.6 x 191.9mm
  • Published: November 2018
  • Range: Usborne STEM