Book cover is white with illustrations of people on the cover (a mix of genders, 3 black people, Frida Kahlo, Alan Turing, plus 3 other white people). Quote at top reads '"conversational, fast-paced and infused with pop culture sensibilities." by Meredith Russo, author of the Stonewall Award-winner If I Was Your Girl.'

Queer There & Everywhere

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23 People Who Changed the World 
Queer There & Everywhere tells world history made by the LGBTQ+ community, across cultures and eras. 

Queer author and activist, Sarah Prager, tells the story of 23 people, including Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, the gender-ambiguous Queen of Sweden, and more! 

This book is beautifully illustrated, inspiring and even funny! 

Note: slightly damaged cover, corner slightly bent. 

Additional Information: 
  • Author: Sarah Prager
  • 272-page paperback
  • HarperCollins Publishers
  • Publication Date: 31/05/2018
  • 203 x 135 mm