Blue book cover shows a light-skinned boy with straight brown hair from behind with blue clothes and a slightly tattered red backpack. On the packpack is written, 'Onjali Q. Rauf, The Boy at the Back of the Class.'  The backpack has a blue badge with a lightning bolt and a keychain with a black star.

The Boy at the Back of the Class

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The Boy at the Back of the Class tells the story of a refugee called Ahmet who joins the main character's classroom. 

As the main character learns more about Ahmet's life and the war he ran away from, they enlist the help of their friends to make him feel welcome. 
Additional Information: 
  • Author: Onjali Q. Raúf
  • 256-page illustrated paperback
  • Fiction, middle-grade
  • Orion Children's Books
  • Publication Date: 12/07/2018
  • 198 x 130 mm